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FPF Constitution and By-Laws
Nov 16, 2011

IAFF By-Laws
Nov 16, 2011

L2980 Constitution & By-Laws
Apr 23, 2012
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Local 2980 Policy & Procedures
May 30, 2012








Palm Harbor/Oldsmar

I.A.F.F Local 2980

Policy & Procedures















Policy & Procedure # 2005-1

Union Apparel



Purpose: Define the way in which Union apparel will be purchased as well as the cost of purchasing the apparel.


Policy: It is the responsibility of the Vice President/D.V.P to handle purchases as well as the collection of monies for all union apparel. The union will make an effort to make available an annual purchase of union apparel for resale to members. For general items which may be purchased in bulk, the union will pay for the items up-front, then seek payment from members upon delivery of the item. Specialty items such as embroidered shirts or other more expensive items will be purchased only after being ordered by the member. Members will be required to pay for the item at time of delivery.


The entire cost of the item including set-up, artwork, and other charges associated with the production of the item will be added to the overall cost and then divided by the total number of items ordered to determine the cost to members.  All items purchased will be rounded up to the next dollar.


The Local reserves the right to sell items to non-union members at a profit. The profit will be determined by the E-Board depending on the item.


New members of the department will receive a free Union T-shirt or tank top upon signing up for payroll deduction of union dues. If shirts are not available during initial sign-up, the member will be given a shirt from the next general order.


Each newly elected member to the Executive Board will receive an embroidered shirt upon the next order of such items after their election to said position. A member serving for more than one term will receive a shirt for each term served.

Policy & Procedure #2005-2

Union Conventions and Conferences



Purpose:  To set forth a policy governing Union conventions and conferences that members attend. The policy will describe: the way members will be selected to attend, what is expected from the Executive Board and members when attending Union sponsored conventions and conferences, and expected reimbursements for conventions and conferences.




Policy: By virtue of their positions on the Executive Board the President and Secretary/Treasurer will be given the opportunity to be the first Delegates chosen to attend any and all Local, State and International conventions and conferences sponsored or affiliated with the I.A.F.F.


By virtue of their positions on the Executive Board the DVP Oldsmar, DVP Palm Harbor and Shift Stewards will be given the opportunity in the same order listed to be the second delegate and or alternates chosen to attend any and all Local and State conventions and conferences sponsored or affiliated with the I.A.F.F. or the FPF. In the event that multiple shift stewards or members wish to attend an event and there are not enough positions available, there will be a vote of the general membership at a general meeting to select the person to attend. In the event that time does not allow a vote of the members at a general meeting, the executive board will select said person.


If any additional delegates or alternates are needed for Local and State conventions and conferences sponsored or affiliated with the I.A.F.F. or the FPF they shall be elected by the general membership at a regular meeting. In the event that time does not allow a vote of the members at a general meeting, the executive board will select said person. The decision to send additional members will be based on budgetary restrictions.


State FPF Convention: It will be the policy of the local to send a total of four constituents to the State Convention each year.


Tallahassee: It will be the policy of the local to send a total of two constituents to Tallahassee each year during the Legislative session in conjunction with FPF lobbying efforts.


I.A.F.F. Convention: It will be the policy of the local to send a total of two constituents to the bi-annual I.A.F.F. Convention when financially possible.


Any attendees or delegates to the I.A.F.F. convention will be selected in accordance with the Constitution and Bylaws Article VII, section 3.


Nothing in this policy shall limit the local in sending additional members to conferences, conventions, or learning symposiums should the local desire to do so, provided finances are available.


Attendants and Delegates at conferences and conventions other than the above listed will be voted on by the general membership at a regular meeting. In the event time does not allow a vote at a general meeting, the executive board shall vote on delegates.

Mileage reimbursements for delegates or alternates representing local 2980 shall be in accordance with Policy and Procedure 2009-3





While conducting the business of the local and representing the members of this Local, all Delegates and Alternates are expected to conduct themselves in a professional manner. Due to the fact that the cost of said trips are bore by the members’ dues, representatives are expected to take full advantage of the material offered by attending as many different classes as possible, being present and on time for all speakers and remaining in attendance throughout the event.


All constituents are expected to dress in a manner befitting the event. All Conferences and Conventions require business dress attire or greater depending on the function attended.


All attendees will make available to the Union copies of any manuals, reports, or other written information from any Conference or Convention.  The attendees should attend the next regular scheduled Union meeting and submit either a written or verbal report.





Lodging: The Union will pay for hotel rooms and all applicable taxes. The constituents are expected to share hotel rooms, two per room. In the event there are both male and females in attendance the local will provide separate rooms. Constituents are expected to pay for extra charges to the room i.e.: phone calls, room service, Internet, movies, etc..


Mileage: Members will be reimbursed for mileage at the applicable government rate. Mileage will be paid in accordance to Local 2980 Policy 2009-3


Per-Diem:  The Union will give all constituents in attendance a food per-diem equal to that of the IRS per-diem chart according to the area where constituents are attending. Per-diem will be paid in accordance with the chart below, minus any meals provided. When possible, per-diems will be paid prior to the event as to relieve members from out of pocket expenses for attending Union sponsored events.

Breakfast- When travel begins before 6a.m. and extends beyond 8 a.m.

Lunch- When travel begins before 12 noon and extends beyond 2 p.m.

Dinner- When travel begins before 6 p.m. and extends beyond 8p.m. or when travels occur during nighttime hours due to special assignments.



All other expenses and reimbursements must be submitted to the Executive Board for approval. Other reimbursements may not be issued if in the opinion of the Executive Board said expenses were neither required nor a necessity of conducting official union business.



 Policy & Procedure # 2005-3

Mileage Reimbursement


Purpose: To establish and set forth a standard reimbursement for the Executive Board and members for the use of their personal vehicles for the business of the Local.


Policy:The union will provide reimbursement for the personal use of a members vehicle by paying a mileage reimbursement equal to the current IRS reimbursement chart. Any Executive Board member may submit for mileage reimbursement when using their personal vehicle for official union business, including but not limited to the attendance at meetings, seminars, educational venues, station visits, and social events for the purpose of union business. Shift Stewards and members of Local 2980 may submit for mileage reimbursement when using their personal vehicle for official union business with approval of a member of the Executive Board.


Each member of the Executive board may submit for up to 150 miles per month.  Any additional mileage must be approved by two members of the Executive Board.



Under no circumstance will the Local pay mileage for members to attend a general or E-board meeting of Local 2980.


A Mileage Reimbursement Request must be submitted for each request for reimbursement.


Policy & Procedure # 2005-4

Good and Welfare


Purpose: To acknowledge a loss or injury by a member of the department or someone of special concern to the Union, District, or City.


Policy: The Union and The District have agreed to share the cost of all flowers and sentiments. All flowers and sentiments sent will show recognition from both parties. At the end of each month the total bill will be divided equally between both parties.


The DVP of Oldsmar or his delegate will advise for any needs in accordance with the contracts Funeral Leave Article or for stays in the hospital in excess of 24 hours for the members of Oldsmar Fire Rescue to the Secretary/Treasurer who will arrange for flowers or sentiments to be sent.

Any Good & Welfare shall be limited to a maximum of 50.00 per member involved, with a maximum of 250.00 for any group, organization or event.



Policy & Procedure # 2005-5

Retirement or Separation



Purpose:  To establish a standard for retirees upon separation of service for both members of the local as well as people of special interest.


Policy: Upon separation from Local 2980 any vested member will receive as follows:


            6-10 years: A plaque

            10-19 years: A plaque and a party

            20+ years: An Axe and a party


Retirement Parties-It will be the policy of the Local to hold an annual retirement party for all applicable retirees from the previous year. If a retirement party is held it will be open to all members which retired in the prior year. The party will be held on a day suitable for the retiree(s), but on a rotating basis so as no one shift will be continually excluded. The local will try to pick a location within the District to allow the on duty crews the opportunity to participate


Any member not listed above or non-firefighters may be voted upon at a general meeting. If time is not permitting a decision will be made by the Executive Board.


Policy & Procedure # 2005-6

Collective Bargaining




Policy:  Local 2980 is subject to and recognizes its responsibility pursuant to the revised Constitution of the state Of Florida, Chapter 407 “Public Employees Collective Bargaining” and the corresponding Florida Administrative code Chapter 407 ”Public Employees Collective Bargaining Rules”.  It is the intent of Local 2980 to bargain in good faith, seeking mutual resolution to the extent possible.


Procedure:  The President shall by virtue of his/her office be present at all collective bargaining sessions.  In the Presidents absence an appointed member of the Executive Board may attend.  The method for determining the issues and the proposed resolutions shall include but not be limited to: general membership meetings, general membership surveys, surveys or meetings specific to the collective bargaining process. 


A negotiations team shall be formed and consist of the Local 2980 Executive Boards and members in good standing representing the ranks covered by the Collective Bargaining Agreement.  The negotiations team will represent the membership at the bargaining table and may utilize the professional services of consultants, expert witnesses and/or attorneys with the approval of the Executive Board.


Participation on the negotiations team shall be solicited by a signup sheet at each station, a copy of which will also be e-mailed to each member. In the event that an excess number of members wish to participate on the team, a vote of the members from the department in negotiations will be conducted on the union’s web site. Voting will be conducted over one week to allow members ample time to vote.



Policy and Procedure # 2005-7

Executive Board Dues Reimbursement


Purpose: To establish a reward for the Executive Board for the hours spent doing the business of the Local.


Policy:  At the end of each business year on or before September 30, each member of the Executive Board will have his or her Union dues reimbursed. The reimbursement will be for an amount equal to 12 months of the current Union dues.

Policy & Procedure # 2005-8

Union Cell Phone Usage



Purpose: To provide quick and reliable means of communications between the Executive Board and the members of Local 2980 as well as administration. The phone will also serve as the main phone number for I.A.F.F. Local 2980.


Policy: The union will maintain a cell phone for purpose of conducting efficient business. The Local will purchase a rate plan adequate to conduct the day to day business of the local while still being prudent with Local funds. The phone shall be in the possession of the President.


In the event the phone usage exceeds the purchased rate plan, the president will be responsible for reimbursing the local any personal calls made on the phone up to the cost of the overage charge. In the event of extenuating circumstances due to issues within the Local the overage charges may be paid for by the local after review of the bill by the Executive Board.



Policy & Procedure # 2005-9

Union Credit Card



Purpose: This shall be the official Credit Card Policy as adopted by the Executive Board of Palm Harbor/Oldsmar Professional Firefighters, Local 2980.


Policy: The President and the Secretary/Treasurer will each have a credit card with a limit of $1500.00.  The credit limit of the local shall not exceed a total of $3000.00.


Union issued credit cards are provided as a privilege to the principle officers of Local 2980 and are to be used for expenses related to Union Business and authorized Union expenditures only (authorized Union expenditures are those authorized by the Executive Board of Local 2980 and/or expenses authorized at regular monthly meetings in the form of a motion).  Either the President (or the Vice-President) and the Secretary/Treasurer shall approve any one-time expenditure in excess of $500.00.


It shall be the credit card users’ responsibility to provide detailed receipts for all expenditures on the union credit card.  In the event that no receipt is provided to the Secretary/Treasurer in a timely manner, the cardholder will be responsible for the payment of the undocumented expense.

Policy & Procedure # 2005-10



Purpose: To augment Bylaws and provide further detail regarding local meetings.


Procedure: General meetings shall be held as stated in the By - Laws.

            The E-Board may appoint a qualified member of the Local as Parliamentarian to serve in that capacity during the regular term of office. The duty of the Parliamentarian is to advise the chair on parliamentary procedures and answer questions posed to him by the chair.

            The E-Board may appoint a qualified member of the Local as Sergeant of Arms. His duty shall be to maintain order at the meetings of the Local, under direction of the presiding officer. He may appoint such assistants as necessary, subject to the approval of the E-Board.

            In accordance with Local By-Laws, when there are seven (7) members in good standing in attendance at a General membership meeting there shall be considered sufficient members to conduct all business and make any action binding upon this organization. When a quorum is not present, the Executive Board shall have the power to act on agenda items.



·        There shall be maintained by the Secretary/Treasurer or his/her designee, a complete set of written policies and procedures as established by the membership.

·         New policies may be established by the membership at monthly meetings. Once voted on and accepted, each policy shall be posted on the bulletin board at each station for ten (10) days.

·         When on duty for General Membership meetings, the President and Secretary/Treasury will take union leave to attend the meetings.

·         Prior to changing or deleting any established policies they will be posted on the Union bulletin board in each station for a minimum of ten (10) days prior to the meeting at which they might be changed.

The order business of the Local shall be as follows:

A. Opening

B.  Roll call of the Officers and members

C.  Reading of the Minutes

D.  Treasurer’s report

E.  Announcement of new members

F.  Reports of Officer’s and committee’s

G.  Special orders of business

H.  Unfinished business

I.   New business (Agenda items)

J.  Good and welfare and announcements

      K. Adjournment



Executive Board- meetings shall be held as stated in the By - Laws.

            All members of this local are invited to attend all Executive Board Meetings.  Officials of this Local, as defined in Article 5 of the Local’s By-Laws, shall have voice only.

Special meetings- shall be held as stated in the By-Laws.






Policy & Procedure # 2005-11



Purpose: To define the role and responsibilities of a local steward to best serve the local and its membership.


Policy: The Executive board will appoint stewards from a list of interested members. Numbers of stewards appointed will be consistent with labor contracts. New stewards will be issued an IAFF “Steward Manual” within thirty days (30) of their appointment.



Stewards shall perform such duties as may be delegated to them by any member of the Executive Board.

·         Stewards shall report to members at their stations:

o   They shall advise all incoming shifts at their station of all Union correspondence

o   All actions and pending actions taken by the Local

o   They shall maintain the Union bulletin board

As it is the intent of the Local that the steward hold a key role in communications with its members, stewards will be required to attend at least 2 meetings, be they General or Executive Board meetings, per calendar year.


Stewards will serve as a union representative during discipline or investigation of a local member.  Membership will always retain the right to request a member of the E-Board be present during these events.

o   Stewards will informally notify an E-Board member, as soon as possible, that an event has taken place for purposes of tracking should there be a contract violation or other issue.

·         Stewards will serve a key role in representing members during the initial two steps of the grievance process.

o   Stewards will be familiar with the grievance process as outlined in the labor contract

o   Stewards will be familiar with local grievance forms

o   Stewards will collect a complaint and pertinent information, on local grievance forms, for submittal to either the Vice President or the District Vice President of the Local, in a timely manner.


o   Should a grievance progress to the Fire Chief, the entire Executive Board will process the grievance. However, the steward will continue to be a key part of the representative team throughout the process.



Policy & Procedure # 2005-12

Dues Assessment



Purpose: To provide the necessary funds to operate the local as well as prepare for future needs. As the dues assessments imposed on the local continue to increase, the bottom line for the Local continues to decrease. In an effort not to decrease the benefits to the members of the Local, a pass through of dues is necessary.


Policy: It shall be the policy of this Local to PASS THROUGH any dues increase levied on the Local by the I.A.F.F. and the Florida Professional Fire Fighters (FPF) only. All changes to the dues structure will coincide with the annual pay raises on October 1st of each year.


On May 19th, 2005 a dues increase of $2.50 passed and was implemented on July 1st, 2005. This dues increase is part of a partial pass through of the dues that have been levied upon the Local by both the I.A.F.F. and the Florida Professional Fire Fighters.


As these dues are part of our policy & procedures and attached to our bi-laws, there will not be an annual vote to adopt these increases.



Policy & Procedure # 2005-13

Union Trustees


Purpose:  To define the role and responsibilities of a local Trustee to best serve the local and its membership.


Policy:  The Local shall have and maintain four Trustees consisting of three from Palm Harbor (seats 1, 2, & 3) and one from Oldsmar (seat 4) elected to the position by a vote of the general membership.  The position shall be for a term of two years.   Seats 1 and 3 will expire on odd years and Seats 2 and 4 on even years.

            It shall be the responsibility of the trustees to review the financial records of the Union at the end of the fiscal year.  They shall do this independently of each other.  They shall then meet and make a written report on their findings to the Union of any discrepancies or recommendations for the upcoming year regarding the finances of the Union. They shall also review the IRS tax forms prior to filing, when completed and when correct, sign both the IRS forms and the report to the IAFF.

            They may also be asked by the Union for opinions and recommendations on Union financial and budget matters as requested by the Executive board.  Their opinions and recommendations are to be just that and not be the final word on these matters.



Policy Procedure # 2009-14

Communications Reimbursement



Purpose: To provide quick and reliable means of communications between the Executive Board and the members of Local 2980 as well as department administration and elected officials.


Policy: The union will provide members of the Executive Board a communication reimbursement to offset the cost associated with holding their elected positions.


            The union shall reimburse the members of the Executive Board for the purchase of communication mediums. Because of this reimbursement, members of the Executive Board shall be required to maintain a cell phone with a phone number that is accessible to members of the local. Executive Board members will further be required to have Internet access at their residence. This will be accomplished by paying the members a reasonable and customary amount as determined by the membership.


            The current reasonable and customary amount shall not exceed $100.00 per month.  


Policy & Procedure # 2009-15

Executive Board Salaries


Purpose: To provide compensation to the President and Secretary/Treasurer of the Local for the work done on behalf of the members.


Policy: The President and the Secretary/Treasurer will be paid a monthly salary. The local will pay its share of all taxes associated with the salary and the President and Secretary/Treasurer will pay their share of the taxes associated with the salary.


The President shall receive a monthly salary equal to 5.5% of Palm Harbor’s top firefighter pay. The salary for fiscal year 09-10 equals $258.67 per month.


            The Secretary/Treasurer shall receive a monthly salary equal to3.5% of Palm Harbor’s top firefighter salary. The salary for fiscal year 09-10 equals $164.60 per month.




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